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Recall Information: What to Do When You Receive a Notice

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Got a notification about a recall on your refined BMW vehicle? Worry not, as South Motors BMW in Miami is happy to help you out with recall service in the form of replacements, installations, and plenty more.

Even better, only BMW factory-trained and certified technicians ever perform work on your car when you visit us—these are professionals who understand the difference between a 2 Series and a 7 Series, along with all the intricacies that go into M models—so, they know how to use modern technology to perform your service quickly and efficiently. Don’t delay this repair as it’s critical to your safety—instead, schedule your BMW recall service at South Motors BMW in Miami today.

Should You Fix a Recall ASAP…or Can It Wait?

Most of the time, you’ll want to take care of your recall service as soon as possible. After all, by definition, a recall is when BMW or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) declares a part of your vehicle either poses a massive safety risk to you or fails to meet minimum safety standards. Thus, fixing a recall is critical to keeping your ride performing smooth and safe when you’re behind the wheel.

Also, it’s hard to find a reason to skip a recall since the service is FREE, which leads to the next question: If you’re not paying for this repair, who is? By law, the manufacturer (BMW in this case) must cover all costs for a recall—which means you pay nothing out of pocket, instead, you’ll get a repair that helps your car run as safe as BMW intended.

How Do You Know If Your Vehicle Has an Open Recall?

As long as your car is registered in your name, you’ll likely receive a letter in the form of first-class mail (as this is a law), informing you of the recall and how this issue impacts your safety. However, you can also use the NHTSA’s free VIN check tool—just enter your 17-character code, and you’ll see all open recalls for your make, model, and year. Even better, the system only shows you unrepaired problems, so no need to worry if the fix already occurred. As a side note, keep in mind this feature only covers American models from the last 15 years.

What’s the Cause of My Safety Recall?

There could be thousands of reasons for your BMW model needing a recall, but one of the most common issues includes airbags that can’t inflate correctly and risk exploding, causing harm to you if unchecked. Also, sometimes the problem involves your battery—where its location alone can cause a flammable risk. Other times, the needed recall lies under your hood with components like your transmission suffering from loose bolts, which causes issues when you attempt to accelerate or blast off—which can become dangerous when judging your speed when you need to turn at a busy intersection or need to pass larger vehicles on the highway.

In the past, some recall problems have been as simple as faults in the installation of electric wiring, which can create everything from fire hazards to corrosion (both of which can destroy your luxurious cruiser). Also, if the bearings on your motor weren’t installed correctly, a recall notice is usually sent to help reduce the decay of your critical parts, which can cause a slippery slope of repairs for your vehicle (and even prevent your motor from performing in extreme cases). Thankfully, when you schedule a BMW recall service, our techs can help solve these problems alongside thousands of others.

Covering Your BMW Recall Needs: Service in South Florida

When you get a letter in the mail or notice online that your vehicle needs a recall, don’t worry—schedule service with South Motors BMW near Kendall, and our team of expert technicians will handle virtually everything from there. These professionals have seen almost everything automotive-related, and will work their hardest to treat your vehicle with care. Also, when you visit our BMW dealership and service center, your needs are our top priority, so feel free to ask about your repairs, alongside other services that can further help to boost your safety and/or performance.

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