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Auto repair and oil change service are offered at South BMW in Miami, FL.

Keep Your BMW Running Strong

Power and performance. Certainly, those are 2 key features that sold you on your BMW. Now that you have your dream car, it's important to maintain optimum power and performance as you make your way across South Florida and beyond. Your BMW must receive proper care on a routine basis, and you will be rewarded with an engaging and exciting vehicle that will deliver thrills for years to come.

The last thing you want with your BMW is to experience any kind of engine problem due to missing those regularly-scheduled maintenance check-ups. Regular oil change services are imperative to a smooth-running engine. In order to keep fresh, clean oil, it's recommended that you change it every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. As you might imagine, running the engine on low or sub-standard oil can result in substandard performance. In short, bad oil can translate into bad performance.

Rather not take matters into your own hands? Count on one of our certified BMW professionals at South Motors BMW in Miami, FL for a premium oil change or any auto repair service need. The only thing more frustrating than car problems are car problems that could have been avoided. Even if you just have questions or want to take preemptive steps, we're here to help you keep your BMW running smooth.

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Tailor Your BMW's Care To Make, Model And Age

Different wishes make demands for different vehicles. And, each make and model of all cars, trucks, and SUVs have particulars about their engines that need to be adhered to. As such, specialized care to your particular BMW is essential to keeping it in excellent shape.

Not only are the make and model important to consider when tending to your BMW's needs, but so is its age. For instance, if you remain the proud owner of a classic-model BMW with a lot of years in its rearview mirror, treatment with high-mileage oil will differ from a newer model BMW. The most recent BMWs may require synthetic blends, while the more classic models will not.

The best thing to do is keep yourself educated when it comes to your BMW and its needs. As a BMW owner, you are behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle every day. But, remember, you hold that power in your hands. No vehicle can retain its good condition without proper attention and care from its owner. You hold the power in your hands. To help keep your BMW in superior condition for the long haul, count on your Kendall, FL car dealership for all your service and repair needs.

Provide Your BMW The Personal Touch It Needs At South Motors BMW

As mentioned above, periodically checking the oil level and quality in your BMW will save you a lot of potential headaches. Even as advanced and powerful as BMWs are, they do need to be tended to on a regular basis. When properly cared for, the life and longevity of your BMW will increase exponentially.

When it comes to oil maintenance, a few things to keep an eye on will not only improve your understanding of how your BMW operates best, but they will also give you great insight into the health and quality of your BMW's oil.

On your BMW's dipstick, the oil level reading should fall somewhere in the middle of the minimum and maximum fill lines. By doing this, you will also be able to get a good indication of the oil's quality. Clean oil is primarily translucent and smooth. If your dipstick reveals thick, black oil, odds are good that service and/or an oil change are necessary.

One of the nice things about owning a BMW is that integrated technology can help you stay on top of keeping your BMW in prime condition. A digital cluster on the dashboard includes updates on your car's vitals. While this feature is no replacement for regularly checking the oil yourself, it certainly provides reminders to stay on top of it.

If you're short on time or would just rather have a professional handle the job for you, visit South Motors BMW today. The health and wealth of your BMW will keep you on the road and on schedule.

Receive quality oil change service at our BMW dealership in Miami, FL.

Give Your Premiere BMW Premiere Service

Provided you take basic, but consistent steps to ensure its health, you BMW is there to work for you. As one of the most premium cars on the road, nothing instills a feeling of comfort quite like the BMW you know you can rely on.

You can also rely on South Motors BMW in South Florida for all your auto repair needs to keep your BMW in premium condition. After all, the life and longevity of any vehicle is based largely on how well it's taken care of along the way. At South Florida's premiere BMW service center, we encourage you to schedule regular tune-ups and oil changes. We are staffed entirely by full-trained and friendly professionals who have vested interests in your BMW and your time. After all, if it's good for you, it's good for us.

Not only does our parts and service department excel with the perfect oil change, but we also specialize in maintenance and repair work of every caliber. Rather than leaving anything to chance, call or visit your Miami, FL BMW car dealership today for the finest in automotive service.