How Often Should You Service Your BMW?

May 17th, 2022 by

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How Often Should You Service Your BMW?

How Often Should I Get My BMW Serviced?

BMWs are state-of-the-art performance and luxury vehicles that feature legendary agility, first class luxury, and cutting-edge technology. As with any vehicle, routine maintenance is the best way to maximize the reliability of your BMW and to preserve its performance as it ages.

However, some driver’s wonder how often they need to bring their car in for service, and exactly what services their vehicle needs.

Let’s dive in and explore how often your BMW will need maintenance and why so many drivers in Miami, FL trust our BMW Service Center here at South BMW for all of their service and repair needs.

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

Late model BMW engines require the protection of full synthetic oil. Generally, this type of oil needs to be changed every 7,500 miles to every 10,000 miles.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Of all the service intervals that can be performed on your BMW, its oil change is, by far, the most important. Your engine is one of the most expensive components in your vehicle, and your oil works to protect it.

However, as your oil is constantly exposed to the extreme conditions within your engine, it slowly begins to lose its cooling and lubricating abilities. As this occurs, friction and heat begin to build, which could lead to potential damage that could result in thousands of dollars in repairs.

Engines that run without oil, with low oil, or even with old oil can “cease”, and need total replacement.

What Other Services Does My BMW Need?

While your oil change is the most important aspect of regularly servicing your BMW, it’s not the only service that your car or SUV will need over time. Here are some other components that will need maintenance throughout your BMW’s life:

  • Brake Pad Replacement – Every 20,000 miles
  • Cabin Air Filter -–Every 30,000 miles
  • Engine Air Filter – Every 20,000 miles
  • Coolant Flush – Every 30,000 miles
  • Power Steering Flush – Every 50,000 miles
  • Windshield Wiper Replacement – Every year
  • Battery Replacement – Every four to five years

How Do I Know Which Services My BMW Needs?

If you’re not sure which service your BMW needs, your BMW Owner’s Manual will detail manufacturer recommended service intervals for your specific model.

You can also ask one of our Service Advisors! Our BMW service center features highly trained experts who can recommend which car maintenance services your vehicle needs!

Where Can I Go For BMW Service?

Our BMW Service Center at South BMW is fully equipped and ready to handle all of your BMW’s service and repair needs. Featuring BMW certified technicians who use genuine replacement parts, there’s no better place to come for the highest quality service.

Keeping prices low and affordable, we not only feature BMW Value Service, but also service specials that allow you to get your most vital service intervals at attractive prices.

Proudly serving surrounding areas like Pinecrest, and Cutler, FL, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your BMW’s maintenance needs. Schedule service with South BMW today!