How Often Should I Replace My Brakes?

June 1st, 2022 by

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How Often Should I Replace My Brakes?

Is It Time for BMW Brake Service?

Wondering if you need BMW brake service already? After all, it’s no surprise these components function as one of your top safety features (even more so than most driver-assists out there) alongside helping you carve through corners with composure and finesse. So, stick with us today as we cover the basics about when it’s time for brake service—also, schedule your maintenance online at South Motors MINI in Miami, FL, for brake service near Kendall, FL.

How Often Should I Schedule Brake Service?

Time for the big question on your mind—is there a magic milage number where you should schedule brake service? As a rule of thumb, every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles is a safe timeline for replacing your rotors, pads, and calipers.

But with such a massive range, how do you know where your vehicle falls in that timeline? To help your BMW vehicle cruise in peak condition, our team of certified and factory-trained technicians is always eager to inspect your brakes and let you know of any red flags with your fluids, rotors, pads, calipers, or anything more in the region.

Also, keep in mind your driving habits will help determine when it’s time for brake service. For example, if you constantly dominate the track in your M4, you’ll likely apply your brakes frequently and aggressively, so expect brake service more often than if you take causal cruises around South Florida without constantly slamming your brake pedal to the floor.

Should I Ever Schedule Brake Service Early?

Even if you’re not near the 30,000-mile mark yet, sometimes, your BMW cruiser will let you know it’s time for brake service ASAP. Specifically, can you hear a loud screeching sound when you tap your brake pedal? If so, that’s usually a sign of worn pads—and you’ll want those replaced quickly before you’re faced with a slippery slope of issues, as the excess friction usually causes your rotors to start decaying soon after.

Does your ride feel funny when you attempt to brake? Specifically, do you need to push harder than usual on the pedal or feel unusual vibrating? Again, both are signs of worn or damaged brakes, and the best solution is scheduling service before more issues arise (or before you slide into the bumper ahead of you since your brakes aren’t working at full capacity).

Restore Your Safety and Power: Brake Service in Miami, FL

Think it’s time for maintenance to your brake system? Schedule your brake service online today at South Motors BMW to help restore your stopping power. While you’re here, we’ll assist you in any way possible, whether it’s checking your brake fluid levels or helping with a brake pad replacement with OEM parts—it’s only the start of how we step up as your local provider of BMW service in Miami, FL.

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