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BMW Maintenance Service: Awaiting Your Ride in Miami Today

Need routine maintenance for your BMW? Let South Motors BMW handle the job for you with our factory-trained and certified technicians, who know how to work on everything from the 2 Series to the X7 (along with M models)—these experts understand how much fluid your ride needs, which brands work best for your vehicle, can help you diagnose unknown issues, and plenty more. So, help keep your cruiser in premium condition by scheduling maintenance at South Motors BMW in Miami today, and let the smooth and performance-driven rides continue.

What Happens if You Skip Routine Maintenance?

This varies heavily based on the type of maintenance you’re skipping. For example, when you neglect an oil change, your motor parts corrode faster than usual since nothing lubricates your components when they rub against each other, causing excess friction, which can eventually require an engine replacement (which isn’t cheap). Meanwhile, skipping something simple like an air cabin filter can result in unpleasant odors and a compromised air conditioning system—which leads to ultra-uncomfortable rides when you live somewhere with constant warm weather, like Kendall, FL or the general South Florida area. When you ignore a wheel alignment, you’ll need to turn your steering wheel to awkward angles to travel in a straight line, and you can even notice reduced fuel efficiency, which leads to more expensive rides in the long-term sense.

Even though the results change depending on the services you skip, the bottom line is usually unpleasant drives and a slippery slope of repairs that become costly to restore your ride quality. So, don’t overlook your maintenance, and schedule your service routinely to help keep your cruising power peaked.

In What Intervals Should You Schedule Maintenance Service?

Again, since BMW maintenance includes numerous services, this answer varies heavily. For an oil change, you’ll want to return every 3,000-5,000 miles to ensure your car parts remain properly lubricated. Meanwhile, battery changes usually occur every three years with casual driving. Thankfully, you won’t need to guess when it’s time for maintenance, as our experts will let you know when your vehicle needs service by informing you when your fluids run low or when something looks wrong—and if you’re unsure about a specific service, feel free to ask.

Not Sure if It’s Time for Maintenance? Check for These Signs

Thankfully, even if you’re not sure if it’s time for maintenance, your car will usually let you know before any major damage occurs. Start by listening for unusual sounds when you’re on the road—can you hear any clanking, screeching, or grinding? If so, these noises are generally a sign that you need brake service since your rotors are rubbing against worn brake pads. However, the sound could also be tied to your tires or engine—our technicians can usually find out the cause for you if you let them know the sounds and allow them to take a look at your ride.

Next, are your rides feeling not-so-responsive? Examples can include excess sliding when you try to stop, usually a sign of balding tires or corroding brakes, or having issues driving in the direction you point the steering wheel, typically a sign your wheels are misaligned. When you notice these signs, you’ll want to take your vehicle in immediately so that our certified technicians can double-check if the fix is maintenance-related and not something more severe, like an uncomfortable ride resulting from a faulty transmission or alternator.

For the most obvious sign, look at your check engine light. When this indicator illuminates, schedule service immediately since the cause could range from something minor like a cracked gas cap or low battery to a critical problem, like your engine misfiring (which could lead to needing a new motor if left unchecked). Thankfully, our technicians have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons for check engine lights turning on—and are familiar with fixing nearly any associated problem.

Schedule Your BMW Maintenance…Even from Your Phone at Home

Ready to help your car run as fine and smooth as the day you drove it off the lot? Schedule your maintenance today at South Motors BMW to have certified and factory-trained mechanics make the needed repairs and updates to assist you in enjoying swift highway drives and relaxing cruises. Even if you don’t drive a BMW, our experts are still happy to help and offer impeccable customer service to answer your questions and keep you informed on the services that will help your vehicle drive at its finest.

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