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Why should you get your BMW Cabin and Engine Filter Serviced?

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South Motors BMW is committed to serving the community, which is why we offer an impressive selection of new BMW models and used and certified pre-owned vehicles in a variety of makes and models. We are also committed to helping you maintain your luxury sedan, and SUV at our state-of-the-art service center. Our Miami auto repair center offers a full menu of services that includes transmission work, engine work, oil change service, BMW cabin filter service and major and minor auto repairs.

See how our team is committed to helping you learn more about your vehicle when scheduling BMW cabin and engine filter service at our Miami auto repair center. At each visit, we perform a thorough inspection of your engine and its working parts, as well as your wheels, filters, and more.

Learn more about why BMW cabin and engine filter service is essential to keep your engine running smoothly and your cabin free from odors and allergens when meeting with the team of certified technicians at South Motors BMW.

What is BMW Cabin and Engine Filter Service?

South Motors BMW not only offers major and minor auto repairs, but also routine maintenance to ensure your engine is in prime condition. Most models feature two filters that both play very important roles in how your vehicle performs.

The engine air filter, located under the hood of your luxury vehicle, attracts dust, debris and particles so that these agents do not negatively impact the performance of your engine. When dirt and debris build up and the engine filter is full, these components can negatively affect fuel efficiency, performance and power. Opting for BMW cabin and engine filter service helps to minimize potential problems with the engine and it keeps all the engine components free from excess dirt and grime.

In addition to the filter under the hood, your sedan or SUV also has a filter to minimize pollutants and allergens from affecting the cabin environment. BMW cabin filter service is just as important. This filter is located behind the glove box, under the dash or under the hood and is designed to attract dust and allergens that circulate in the cabin, especially when using your heat or air conditioning.

When our certified technicians perform BMW cabin filter service, we replace the cabin filter to help minimize odors and pollutants. BMW cabin and engine filter service helps to ensure your vehicle is free from harmful pollutants and dust that keeps you comfortable and your engine in good condition.

How Often Do I Need New Filters?

The answer to this question varies upon a few factors. The more you drive and the environment where you drive can add more dust and particles to both of your filters. The team at our Miami auto repair center recommends that you choose BMW cabin and engine filter service every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but the filters should be checked every 10,000 miles.

We have you covered, though. Each time our customers stop in for routine scheduled maintenance, such as tire rotations or oil change service, our highly-trained technicians perform an inspection of the filters and recommend BMW cabin filter service if necessary.

What Signs Indicate the Need for Filter Service?

Although there is a recommended timeline for BMW cabin and engine filter service, there may also be signs that indicate you need service before hitting that mileage. In some vehicles, the check engine light illuminates when you need BMW cabin filter service or engine filter service.

Some drivers also notice that when they need BMW cabin and engine filter service, the filter is dirty and the fuel efficiency and acceleration decreases. In some cases, you may also notice an odd noise from the engine or dark smoke from the exhaust. If foul odors are impacting your comfort within the cabin or drivers or passengers smoke in the vehicle, it may be necessary to schedule BMW cabin filter service more often.

Other signs that you need BMW cabin filter service is when the air vents emit an abnormal noise or when there is a decrease in air flow when running the air conditioning or heating unit. Allow the team at South Motors BMW the opportunity to inspect your filters to determine the best time for a replacement.

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