Where to Find Exceptional Brake Service & Repairs in Miami?

Where to Find Exceptional Brake Service & Repairs in Miami?

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South Motors BMW is known for its impressive collection of luxury SUVs and sedans, but we are also committed to helping our client base maintain their vehicles. Our BMW dealership is pleased to host a state-of-the-art auto repair center that features a full menu of services for all makes and models. From tire service and wheel alignment service to oil change service and brake repairs, count on our team of certified technicians to enhance how your vehicle drives.

Learn more about the comprehensive auto repair services and brake repairs available at our BMW dealership. South Motors BMW is eager to assist you with all of your automotive needs.

What are the Components of a Brake System?

While the engine of your BMW is designed to perform, the brakes and all of its components are designed to help you safely stop the vehicle. Routine inspections of your brake pads, brake rotors and brake calipers is absolutely necessary to ensure that you and your passengers are safeguarded in your BMW sedan or SUV.

To understand the importance of brake service, our team would like to break down the brake system. Simply put, hoses carry fluid from the main line to the brake calipers. These hoses need to be thoroughly inspected on a regular basis to ensure that fluid is not licking due to cracks or deterioration.

Another component of the system is the brake calipers. This component squeezes the brake pads against the brake rotors, making it possible for your vehicle to stop.

The brake rotors are the components that the brake pads grip, which ultimately stops your vehicle’s wheels from spinning. The pads are commonly referred to as the shoes of the system. These pads connect with the rotors and apply pressure to slowly stop your vehicle.

How Would I Know if I Need Brake Repairs?

There are often tell-tale signs that you’re in need of brake service at our BMW dealership. In many cases, drivers notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stop. You may have to push on the pedal harder or you may notice a loud scraping sound. Sometimes, the steering wheel may begin to shake if you are in need of repairs.

Additional signs that you need repair include grinding or squealing, unusual vibrations when you try to stop and the need to press the pedal farther to the floor. Some drivers also notice that it takes longer than normal to stop and the vehicle rocks or wobbles at higher speeds.

How Often Do I Need Brake Service?

It’s necessary to have your vehicle inspected thoroughly when stopping in for routine maintenance, such as oil change service and tire rotations. Each inspection of your system includes an evaluation of your fluids, pads, rotors, hoses and cylinders.

Brake fluid is one of the most important components as it moves through the system and keeps all the working parts lubricated. When stopping in for service, our team may suggest a flush. This service involves refreshing the fluid to keep all of the working parts in prime condition.

Wear and tear of the components of your system is typical over time. The need for service, though, depends heavily upon your driving habits, too. Usually, the front brakes wear out sooner than the rear. In addition to routine inspections, our BMW dealership recommends replacing brakes between 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

It’s also possible that you may just need pads versus rotors. When the pads wear down, it can cause damage to the rotors which may also lead to other malfunctions tied to your system. Rotors are usually replaced two at a time. The frequency, though, depends on whether or not the rotors have been damaged due to worn-down pads.

A normal timeline is usually by 70,000 miles, but in some cases, the rotors wear out faster depending upon the road conditions and your driving habits. Check with our team to see the condition of your rotors and your pads when stopping in for service at South Motors BMW.

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If you suspect that it’s time for auto repairs or routine service to check out your system, contact the team at South Motors BMW. We offer comprehensive service for all makes and models and use genuine OEM parts from our on-site parts department. We also make it convenient to schedule service with our online service scheduling platform.

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